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Services for Interior Designers

One characteristic of our moving company that sets us apart from others in the Charlotte, NC area is our services for interior designers.

We  offer the following services to designers:

           ✔  Warehousing

           ✔  Receiving

           ✔  Delivery

           ✔  Assembly

           ✔  Moving

Call Us At 828-728-1141 

Call Us at 828-728-1141Call Us at 828-728-1141

How does it work?

The designer chooses the merchandise for the projects and either we pick it up (within a 100-mile radius of our warehouse), or they have it shipped to our warehouse through common carrier.

We accept the furniture and inspect cartons for visual damage. If the carton is damaged, we inspect further for concealed damage to the piece inside that carton. We can also file paperwork for any loss damage claim for the client, so the designer doesn’t have to worry with that process. If the cartons are good and all is well, we then bay the orders up in our warehouse until all items are accounted for and present.

Once the design project is ready, we take it to the install location and do the install. We have a price menu that breaks down each service we offer and the price it cost. This price list is designed especially for interior designers, and they can use it to figure the price for their shipping and receiving of each project before they begin. Basically, we become their shipping and receiving department on an as-needed basis. This way, they do not pay revolving monthly fees or rent on buildings they do not use full-time. They only pay when they use the service.


For more information about our services for interior designers, please call us to request a price sheet. We look forward to making your life much less stressful!

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